•   Training camp review: In December I signed up for my 3rd trip back to IM Lanzarote (2017). Knowing how long a winter of training can seem with cold weather and dark evenings, it was important to have a near term milestone to train towards and look forward to. I've been on camp several times with Paddy and Oliver, and heading back to the Sands Beach Resort with the duo in March was a no-brainer. The timing is excellent for getting a big block of training in ahead of the racing season, without the risk of taking a spill on icy or wet roads at home. The location in the Sands Beach Resort is excellent: Great swimming pool, big breakfast, lots of options for food in the evening in the local town, clean accommodation, and straight into the volcanic landscape and wind when you set out on the bike in the morning. It's a challenging but enjoyable week, with excellent coaching. The sessions are set appropriately for all abilities - whether it’s a long brick session designed to boost your fitness, or a technical s&c session tackling injury avoidance methods, and a bit of time is left over for sitting out in the sun too. With the tri-active triathlon team based out of the resort (coached by legends Bella and Stephen Bayliss who live onsite), and lots of other visiting athletes too, you're embedded in an environment that flips you into the right mindset for training and challenging yourself. It's a week not to be missed.

    thumb John Gilbert

      I attended a week with Oliver earlier this year in Lanza as a Birthday present! The camp was very well ran with excellent coaching tips from Oliver and Bjorn. Accommodation was top class as was the food - a really friendly atmosphere so have no fear of going there alone. The cycling was tough with plenty of hills but would be a super base for anyone getting ready for the new season or fine tuning for an upcoming Iron man. Definitely recommend the camp.

    thumb Declan Murphy

      So at the end of last year I decided I was going to do a full ironman distance my first ever full and that the chosen one be ironman lanzarote!! Some people thought I was mad but I believed I could do it , I got in touch with Oliver Harkin of primed coaching and the journey began late Oct , I attended the lanzarote training camp in April under the watchfull eyes of Oliver and tri coach Bjorn and it was brilliant ,my bike was my big thing that needed lots of work this camp definitely helped me with this,I certainly came back a more confident biker and stronger you can't beat the wind hills and sunshine I met some great friends along the way and got to live like a pro for a week , sleep eat train repeat doesn't get much better than that , so go on you know you want to sign up to that camp now�

    thumb Louise Sheridan
  •   As a Lanzarote Spring Training Camp Veteran [ 3 times] with Oliver and Paddy … I was delighted to have the new option for a trip to Mallorca. Circumstances meant I arrived a day early before the rest of the gang. And what an opener!! Up early for the most beautiful sunrise ….a lovely swim before breakfast …just metres across the road from our lovely hotel. Then it was the first of a week to come of epic cycles. Sa Collabra cycled twice !!…Cap Formentor …pure class rides on beautiful roads and fabulous scenery but for me the day I remember most was my cycle down to Soller and home….. just Oliver, Kate Kelly and myself [tail end Charlie] ….one great cycle especially for me when I needed a little "persuasion" from the Boss when I felt like turning and going home . Yes the swims were great and the runs [ well they have to be done].... but for me this week was "all about the bike". Trust me ..you won`t regret it …..a week of hard work ..good food ..great craic ..and friends for life

    thumb Gerard Turbitt

      I signed up to do a Camp in Lanzarote in April after committing to my 1st Ironman in Wales this September. It was a brilliant challenging week but being new to triathlon I learned so much from Oliver and TriCoach Bjorn. Early morning swims, great breakfast at Sands Beach and then Cycling in the heat and wind around the island was a great kickstart to the year and training block for Wales. Highly recommend to any triathlete of all levels for 2018 ���

    thumb Jamie Phillips

      I signed up to Lanzerote 2017 training camp for a few reasons. I was sick of training in the rain, I wanted to meet more like minded triathletes, I wanted to push myself in the lead up to Ironman Lanzarote 2017 and Oliver made me!!!! All boxes were ticked, no rain, great people and great training. The coaching was brilliant as Oliver and Paddy have a unique ability to get the best out of people individually and as a group collectively, all aspects of my training seen improvement. My swim technique got better, my bike endurance got stronger and my running got more efficient. There are other aspects that were not overlooked like strength and conditioning, flexibility and food. I trained hard all week and enjoyed every minute of it. On the social side everyone got on well and had a bit of craic in the evenings over dinner and lots of water. Is the training camp worthwhile? Ironman Lanzarote 2016 (14h43mins), Ironman Lanzarote 2017 (12h14mins). Think it says it all about the camp with Oliver and Paddy. Thanks and see you at the 2018 camp.

    thumb Gary Mclean
  •   As a triathlete looking to improve my overall performance I decided to attend Oliver's training camp in Lanzarote. Feeling a little nervous at the start I was quickly put at ease by Oliver and Bjorn sharing their wealth of knowledge and excellent coaching techniques evident during the 1st swim. Then onto the bike, beautiful weather, a tad windy and awesome scenery whilst it was hard work you were surrounded by great people which are now friends sharing the epic adventure. The runs went along the sea front a far away cry from the cold damp Irish roads. If you want to learn from the best, improve your fitness all whilst having a great time this is the camp for you. With guys like Ivan Rana in the same pool as ya you do feel like a pro for a week!

    thumb Sean Mc Sorley

      I hooked up with Oliver to prepare for Challenge Roth. Must say I got a very thorough / thoughtful and well planned training programme. The programme had many subtle changes week to week and session to session so it always kept things interesting while consistently increasing the workloads. From block to block i felt he certainly assessed my capability and progress and fine tuned the plan accordingly. My fitness levels were at an all time high by the time I made it to Roth. Oliver had many other small little hints / guidance points and tips over the training programme that were also quite thought provoking for me which I found beneficial. I would certainly recommend Oliver without hesitation if you were looking for a coach to help you out with a programme. Thanks for your help Oliver.

    thumb Niall Tuckey

      I attended one of Primed Coaching's training camps in Mallorca in between April and May 2017. I found the course well organised and structured. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and talk to the coaches.The food and accommodation were excellent. I was really glad I attended.

    thumb Rose-Marie Daly
  •   I just completed a week long camp in Lanzerote with Oliver. Initially, I was apprehensive about the ability levels on the camp but all levels were catered for. While it was a "holiday", we were all pushed on to get the most out of ourselves. Great experience, great advice and very approachable about all things triathlon and fitness related. I will definitely be back to Lanzerote with Primed next year.

    thumb Ivan Casey

      I attended the training camp in Lanzarote last month. Would highly recommend attending the camp, it's an excellent week in terms of bringing focus to your training for the season ahead. Oliver and Paddy bring great experience and really assist in getting the best out of yourself. I particularly benefited from the early morning technique focused swim sessions and really enjoyed pushing myself over the mountainous terrain of the island. It was a super week of craic, good food and company. Thank you lads.

    thumb Peter McGoey

      This is the first of Oliver's training camps and it won't be my last. A super week spent with like minded folks gaining fitness, knowledge and technique across the 3 disciplines. The standard of coaching was excellent and I personally gained so much from the week. The banter and craic was mighty which made it more enjoyable when in the hurt locker 🙂 Lots to think about and work on.

    thumb Mark Rushby
  •   Second time I did the camp in Lanzarote and once again I enjoyed the camp immensely. Oliver and Paddy are making a very good pair, and cater for everybody's need with a packed week. There is a very good balance between the various participants but better be prepared overall the camp isn't for the faint hearted. The location in costs teguise is top notch, the cycling routes in Lanzarote are breathtaking and offer a great variety. They are good running path along the beach or more challenging trails. Good windy weather. What more do you want? Go on pack your back and join the gang.

    thumb Pierre Heuzé

      New to triathlon last year and didn't know what I was getting myself into when I signed up for the camp but the brilliant coaching of Oliver and Paddy has given me a massive confidence boost. The swimming was always gonna be tough for me but after all the drills and been shown how to do them properly, the improvements are showing already. The cycling was brilliant , never thought id cycle hills like I did but with the help and great advice on fuelling up and nutrition i lasted the week. (never knew i had to eat as much). It was good to train with people that have the same goals as you and we had a great bunch of athletes in our group. It was an expertly ran camp and i hope to return next year . Thanks Oliver and Primed Coaching for a great week.

    thumb Padraig Murphy

      First time on training camp and I got so much from the hole week it was incredible. First of all oliver and paddy are so positive and encouraging it really rubs off on you about commitment and preparation needed for ironman and all the experience really gives you the tools to train very hard but smart. Very well planned week with like minded people was envaluable and talking to them and listening to all there shared experience really but fire in my belly to be the best in can be. Oliver and paddy I can not thank you enough for a really eye opening week that has transformed the way I train.If you are thinking of training for triathlon I would strongly recommended going on camp and set the foundation for success. See you next year. Ken

    thumb Kenneth Smith

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