Run Video Analysis

The session begins with a review of your running history, training volume and intensity and any injuries are discussed. A video of your current running technique and style is then taken. This video is then shown back to you with feed back on the areas that require correction. Corrective technique and cadence drills are coached. This session uses a combination of outdoor and treadmill running.

You will get a DVD of your running and a report including recommended course of corrective drills and practices within 5 working days.

Cost: €65 (a facility charge may be incurred)

Group Running

Coached group running sessions range in focus from technique and efficiency improvement over the winter, stamina and strength building in the Spring and finally interval work in readiness for the big races in the summer. Sessions take place in Newry and Dundalk.

Cost: €50 for 8 weeks

Small group coaching discounts apply to small group coaching. For costs please contact.

Coaching Bundles: 1-1 coaching bundles also available, book 5 sessions for €300/225.

These can be for mix of swim, bike or run sessions.

Run Coaching Package

1-1 coaching session (swim, bike or run)

  • 1-1 coached session €65 / £50
  • Buy 5 1-1 sessions €300 / £225
  • Facility charges may apply