Pedalling Efficiency using Computrainers SpinScan technology

Pedal stroke analysis. The software will identify "flat" or "dead" spots in the pedal stroke where optimal power is not transferred to the drive train. You'll be coached and given corrective drills and practices to create a more efficient pedalling action thus resulting in greater power and faster times.

€65/ £50 (facility fee may apply)

Power Profile assessment

Using CompuTrainer or our PowerTap wheel on your own bike to measure Power Output. Determine your power profile and set personalised heart rate and/or power training zones for you to use in training and racing for better performance.

€65/ £50 (facility fee may apply)

CompuTrainer standalone session.

Heading to a foreign race and would love to ride the course before you get there, no problem. Either by using an interactive Real Course video or creating a computer generated version of your race you can use Computrainer to accurately prepare and train for every climb and decent in your chosen event. Given a GPS file any bike course in the world can be generated for the Computrainer from the World Champs in Kona, the Lost Sheep tri in Kenmare, Co.Kerry, to GaelForce West, to the Ras or the Tour of the North.

€30/ £25 (facility fee may apply)

Bike Coaching Bundles

CompuTrainer coached sessions to improve your bike fit, pedalling efficiency and power output

  • 1 session €60 / £50
  • Buy 5 sessions €275 / £225
  • Facility fee may apply

1-1 sessions out on the road: these sessions will improve your bike handling skills, cornering, braking, climbing, descending, group riding etc. Will address your performance Limiters whether that be time trial type efforts or hill climbs.

€65/ £50

1-1 coaching session (swim, bike or run)

* 1-1 coached session €65 / £50
* Buy 5 1-1 sessions €300 / £225
* Facility charges may apply